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Name : Karl Witzlsperger

Email : twitzl@hotmail.com

Country : Australia

Car : AE92 CSi hatch

Engine : 4AFE

Engine Accesories : Finer Filter Pod

Driveline : STock

Bodywork : A few dings here and there

Brakes and Suspension : Stock

Wheels and Tyres : Arbet 15" 3 spoke with falken 195/50/15's

Stereo : Kenwood 5016 cd/tuner, 6.5" blaupunkt velocity splits up front in custom door buildouts, blaupunkt 6 by 9 in custom parcel tray, pioneer 10" sub, 2 good amps to power the lot, Clarion 5.8" Car TV with playstation hooked up

Interior : 3.5" dash mount tacho, white vinyl highlights, shitty seat covers

Future Plans : sell the car and buy an SX hatchie

Comments about this site : it is really good

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