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Name : Rowan Moylan

Email : rowan@toadshow.com.au

Country : Australia, Brisbane

Make/model/year : Toyota, Levin GTZ, 1989

Engine : 4AGZE

Engine Accesories : Stock

Driveline : 5 Speed Manual, Limited Slip Diff (front wheel drive), Factory Big Drive Shafts.

Bodywork : Factory GTZ body kit

Brakes and Suspension : Big Front Disks and larger rears than the standard 100KW AE92, Strut brace for the front, front and rear sway bars, stiffened GTZ struts with regassed shock absorbers.

Wheels and Tyres : Standard Jap 14 inchers, which will have to do for now. Tyres are cheepies as I keep turning the treat off the fronts.

Stereo : Jap AM/FM

Interior : GTZ buckets, Leather Levin Wheel, RAZO gearknob (not that it makes grabbing gears any more easier)

Future Plans : Half roll cage, turbo and supercharger setup??? better set of rims, play with the existing kit. front mount intercooler, Suspension to coil overs.

Further comments : I love the site, has now made me aware that there are many other toyotas around in brisbane that are of a similar setup to mine. Congrats on the site. Saw address on the back of a ford falcon at a race meeting.

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