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Name: Mr Evil one two be

Country: Oz

Car: Toyota Seca AE92 1990

Engine: 4A-GE

Eng Acc: 8mm spark Leads, O2Rush Rampod, Champion GOld Sparkies

Driveline: Huricanne header, 2.5 Inch Exhaust, Resonator, hi flow Cat.

Body: Stock

Brakes And Suspension: stock

Wheels and tyres: stock toyota, Falken wet Drys (deep grooves)

Stereo: Panasonic header, 400W 4 channel AMp, 2 JL Audio 10 Inch Subs, kenwood 7 X 10, Kenwood 6 Inch splits

Interior: stock, painted dash , momo gear knob

Future Plans: 20V 4A-GE, nitrous kit, digial dash gauges, nardi steering. cosworth style rear wing

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