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Name : Sam

Email : CAE9111@hotmail.com

Country : Malaysia

Make/model/year : Suzuki Swift 4-Door 4E-FTE

Engine : Modded to Starlet GT 4E-FTE

Engine Accesories : 1) Ported & Polished Head. 2) BLITZ b.o.v. 3) Front mounted Galant VR4 Intercooler. 4) Garrett T2 Turbine @ 1.1 bar in cold nights. 5) 550 c.c. sub injector with custom made AIC. 6) HKS F-Con. 7) Knight Sport FCD 8) Greedy TVVC Boost Controller. 9) K & N Air Filter.

Driveline : 1.5 way Cusco LSD TRD Metallic Cluth.

Bodywork : 1) Bodykits "stolen" from S/Swift GTI (2-door). 2) Rear Spoiler from GTiR.

Brakes and Suspension : 1) Front : EP91 (Glanza) with EBC pads. 2) Rear : SSGTi with EBC pads.

Wheels and Tyres : 1) Wheels : 15" 2-piece Racing Sparco. 2) Goodyear Eagle F1 195/50/R15

Stereo : 1) Kenwood Cassette Player with CD Changer.

Interior : 1) Seats : Front rear from SSgti. 2) Dashboard from Starlet GT. 3) Personal steering wheel. 4) Sparco paddles. 5) TRD short shifter. 6) APEXi Boost Meter. 7) GReedy Exaust Temp. 8) R-Spec Speed Meter with Shift Light. 9) BLTZ Dual Turbo Timer. :

Future Plans : 5E-FTE engine conversions with 1G pistons.

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