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Name : John 'Jaba' Pun

Email : gojohnygogogo@hotmail.com

Country : Australia

Car : AE92 GTi

Engine : 16 Valve

Engine Accesories : Wade Stage 1 Cams. Genie headers. 2 1/4" exhaust. High flow cat. Turbo muffler, dump tip

Driveline : RPM HD clutch kit. Short shift.

Bodywork : TRD decals. Modified front grille. Colour coded bits and pieces.

Brakes and Suspension : New AE'93' front disc rotors.

Wheels and Tyres : 16" Finn type rims with mix and match 205/45 rubber.

Stereo : Pioneer cd head. Jaycar 4". Sony splits. Sony 10" Xlod sub. Kicker Amp.

Interior : Tacho, volto! Colour coded interior bits.

Future Plans : Engine rebuild. Or sell the old girl and get something else!

Comments : Its cool. And the guy in the photo isnt dead, he's just tired.!!!!

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