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Name : gLok

Email : usoulsglok@hotmail.com

Country : United States

Car : 1999 Camry V6 5 speed

Engine : 1mz-fe

Engine Accesories : custom intake, exhaust heat wrapped, A'PEXi rev/speed meter

Driveline : ACT clutch

Bodywork : Fiber Images carbon fiber hood, TRD rear spoiler

Brakes and Suspension : Ground Control adjustable springs, Tokico struts, TRD rear sway bar,

Wheels and Tyres : stock 15" alloys with dunlop d60a2 tires, i also have 17x7.5 advanti's with 215/45 zr17 falken tires but one rim got bent beyond repair

Stereo : stock cd/tape 6 speakers

Interior : TRD short shifter

Future Plans : nitrous, new fuel system, TRD limited slip differential, exhaust, y-pipe

Comments : Sweet site. My cars best time is a 14.779 @ 90.29 mph here in Florida at Moroso Motorsports Park.

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