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Name : Matthew Sinclair

Email : killer_69_@hotmail.com

Country : Australia, New South Wales

Car : Corolla KE20 1974

Engine : 4a-gze (late model) Map sensored

Engine Accesories : Microtech MTX-8 After Market Computer with Dash-it in car display
Front Mounted Intercooler
K&N Filter Pod
2 1/2in Mandral Bent Exhaust with high flow cat
Custom Surge tank with VL turbo efi feul pump

Driveline : 5 speed Celica steel case gearbox, Dellows bell housing (with alot of modification)
100kw 4a-ge TRD flywheel and Pressure plate
4 Puck brass button clutch
Corona 4.11 diff
Custom Tail shaft

Bodywork : Custom 2 Pack Midnight Plum Paint, 1in extra flared gaurds

Brakes and Suspension : TA20 struts with twin spot calipers
Custom Front springs
9in rear drum brakes
Heavy Duty rear leaf springs, 1in lowering blokes (was 2in)

Wheels and Tyres : 15/7in ROH Reflex rims, 195/50/15 tyres

Stereo : Pioneer Head unit (not sure), 2 way Sony Speakers

Interior : Silva front seats, Aluminium Checker plate on the Doors, dash, parcal shelf and anywhere else i can put it. Saas Steering wheel

Future Plans : Fensport crank pulley kit 14psi and a new Dyno to go with and hopefully will be up around the 200hp mark

Comments : Power that is you want. Raw Horsepower and photos to come

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