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Name : Paul Booth

Email : cujomutt@hotmail.com

Country : Australia

Car : Mazda Astina Hatch 1995

Engine : 1.8 16 value DOHC

Engine Accesories : sports muffler with twin 2 1/2 inch piping and duel 4inch stainless tips - brand new highflow cat with genie 4:1 extractors

Driveline : i dunno...the regular??

Bodywork : Talon styling kit......oh..dont forget the new jetblack tint@!#

Brakes and Suspension : yeah i got brakes......lowered 2/1/2 inches..not a cut job

Wheels and Tyres : 16 inch 5 spoke speedy holotype-R rims with good year tires

Stereo : 2001 sony xplod headunit with 4 6x9's. Boss 800w 4 channel amp with 12inch 800w xplod subwoofer

Interior : momo steering wheel, autotecknica pedals

Future Plans : umm...either turbo kit for 1.8 or brand new 2.0 GTR familiar. Maybe chromies one day.....3 piece cyber "ezzy" bodykit. - photo one day when i get a digital camera - NEW PAINT

Comments : nice corolla site.....how come you got other cars tho...??

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