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Name : Mark Purcell

Emai : jpurcel1@bigpond.net.au

Country : Australia

Car : Toyota Corolla SX 1990

Engine : 4AGE

Engine Accesories : Pod Filter, Extractors, 2" Sports Exhaust

Driveline : Standard

Bodywork : Re-sprayed csi bumper while original SX bumper is re-conditioned/modified

Brakes and Suspension : Standard

Wheels and Tyres : 16" ALT Sport R rims, Falken ZE326 205/45/16's

Stereo : Sony CDX-2180 CD Head Unit, 200W Amp powering Sony 3 Way 6x9's in custom rear parcel shelf

Interior : Colour Coded dash surrounds, Aftermarket Gear Knob, Honda CRX Seats

Future Plans : AE111 Black-Top 20V conversion is waiting on Front Cut to arrive from Japan... Lowered King Springs.

Comments : Excellent Site, good to see the Brisbane Guys doing something!

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