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Michael Sanger

New Zealand

Toyota Corolla FX-GTV (very rare GTV model) 1992



16 valve 4AGE

Engine Accesories

K&N Filter,Extractors,2.5" Exhaust,Custom Air Induction,leads,spark plugs.
FACTORY STANDARD GTV XTRAS:Stonger Valves/springs,bigger cams,4agze bottom end. Goes Hard as!!Fully Kains FX-GT's.


Standard GTV gearbox,Standard 8 bolt clutch(not 6 bolt like FX-GT's),lightened flywheel


Standard with GTV badges and standard bodykit.

Brakes and Suspension

Lowered on Jamex Supalow Springs,Monroe Shock,Strut Brace

Wheels and Tyres

14" Polished Mags. 195/60/14 Bridgestone G Grids


CD player,front speakers,phoneix Gold 6x9's,phoneix gold ZX200 amp,15" phoneix gold sub.huge custom made sub box with 2 4" ports


2 Blue Jamex Race Seats,momo leather gear sack,gear nob,pedals,momo seat belf pads,Tinted windows

Future Plans

4AGE Turbo!more injectors,huge body kit,rear T-spolier,bright lime green paint job,white 17"mags,blacked out headlite covers,blacked out tail lights.front mounted intercooler.blow off valve.TRD cams.



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Good to see lots of phat az lorollas!!

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