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Nissan Pulsar '83 (Aus spec, imported)

Sydney, Australia

Jap import E15 (8v OHC 1.5L)

Engine Accesories
Extractors, Jacobs coil.

Jap import 5 speed.
One of CV boots has been repaired using bike inner tube and windscreen adhesive.

The paint stops it rusting too much (most of the time). Has ding in front right guard.

Brakes and Suspension
One of the rotors has been machined below minimum specification (too thin). Front caster bushes, sway bar bushes and front struts need replacing.

Wheels and Tyres
Yes has both.

Was removed to prevent break in damage as someone tries to steal it. Also makes car lighter, so better power/weight and fuel economy.

Still has most of the interior intact. Some bits broken or missing.

Future Plans
Plan do drive it if it continues to operate reliably, otherwise replace it with another Corolla.


Comments on this site
The forum is fun.

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