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AE82 Twin Cam

4AGE 16 Valve

Engine Accesories
Large custom extractors, 2 1/4" exhaust from cat back with 3 1/2" dumper tip, "hot dog" added to exhaust system, sports muffler, K&N airfilter with a metal pipe replacing the old plastic one, worked heads, cold air induction system plus most importantly the airhorns


Dark tints and stickers

Brakes and Suspension
Bendix top of the range pads, lowered 2 1/2" with jumbo springs and new monroe shocks

Wheels and Tyres
16" Hyperfang rims with falken ultra low profile rubber

Sony xplode cd deck, 4" clarion splits with tweeders, kenwood 7x10's running off a 400watt clarion amp and 2 x 12" kicker competion subs in a custom made box running off a 1200 watt sony xplode amp

Momo steering wheel, momo pedals, momo gear knob, autometer 5" monster tacho. Dash sprayed in black with a blue neon light in the hatch

Future Plans
Either keep it and put a 4AGZE engine in it and replace the supercharger with a turbocharger or just sell it. Still deciding. If interested email me.

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