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RWD Clutch Change
Karl tells us how it's done!

Words: Karl Skewes

NB: Don't ask me about FWD clutches. I've never done one, never will.

Clutches often need replacing, but time and time again enthusiasts take their cars to a mechanic when anyone with a bit of time up their sleeve could do the same job.

Do yourself a favour, buy a full kit, including Pressure Plate, Clutch disc, throwout bearing, alignment tool. As you never know what condition everything will be in. Also, don't bother having the flywheel machined unless you have a torque wrench and/or it is in real bad shape. (uneven scours, etc).

Most kits don't come with an alignment tool, so use the input shaft out of the same gearbox that you have now. $5 from wreckers. Both corolla & celica probably run different g/boxes, (K/T/W).

Also make sure you have a full set of ring spanners and a socket set. sizes 10-17. this will make the job faster and not everything can be done with just ring spanners I think.

Now the actual job:

  1. Jack up car, make sure it is super stable, as you may have to rock the g/box about.

  2. Disconnect negative lead, so when you play with starter you won't shock yourself ;).

  3. Put jack under g/box, supporting its weight.

  4. undo driveshaft-diff bolts (4). leave d/s in g/box otherwise g/box oil will leak out. Alternatively plug with spare end of driveshaft.

  5. Undo gearbox crossmemeber

  6. Unhook end of clutch cable from clutch fork and feed it back out through the hole in the bellhousing.

  7. Undo bolts around bellhousing (about 8). Sizes 1x10mm,12mm?, 13mm, 14mm?, 15mm, 17mm maybe.

  8. Remove the starter, ie: get it to sit on exhaust

  9. Lower g/box, then lift and wriggle g/box back out. might have to pry it off with crowbar.

    * you should now see the clutch assembly attached to flywheel *

  10. Unbolt pressure plate in criss-cross fashion, you may need someone to use a big powerbar on the end of the crankshaft to counteract your turning force.

  11. Lube up new clutch disc splines and bearing inside engine.

  12. Assemble pressure plate and clutch, make sure clutch is facing right way. bolt back on flywheel in criss cross. whilst doing this make sure you have your alignment tool or inputshaft fully in the engine so clutch will sit on this and therefore be lined up correctly. it may take some juggling as the pressure plate isn't attached to the clutch disc.

  13. remove the throwout bearing from the gearbox and replace with lubed up new bearing, make sure all clips are in, and its sitting right.

  14. Put a bit of lube in the end of the clutch fork, under the ball.

  15. Lube up gearbox spline.

    * now you are ready to reassemble *

  16. Check clips, throwout bearing, pressure plate, check check check check.

  17. Raise g/box and slide it in. watch out that driveshaft doesn't fall out, you'll lose your g/box oil then.

  18. Put jack under g/box so you don't have to juggle a socket set, ringspanner, g/box all at once. :D

  19. Do up bellhousing bolts, remember to put in the starter motor.

  20. Do up g/box crossmember. Do up driveshaft bolts.

  21. Readjust your clutch at the firewall. You'll probably have the cable pulled all the way out. Make sure you have about 1 or 2 inches of freeplay in the pedal inside the car.

If you have any further tips or corrections please feel free to email me.


ps. you'll need a whole day to do this, then it'll only take 2/3 hrs once you're familiar with process, then 1.5hrs if you've got 2 ppl who have done it, inc yourself.