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4AGE.net was established in 1999 to meet the needs of millions of Toyota owners around the world.

Today our site covers not only 4AGE powered cars, but also other 4 cylinder Toyota vehicles involved in motorsport, drifting, show cars and street cars.

The mighty 4AGE powers all sorts of cars, both Toyota and non-Toyota.

Popular Toyotas running the 4AGE and 4AGZE engines include the Corolla and Sprinter, AE86 Levin and Trueno.

Non-Toyota cars running 4AGE 16v and 4AGE 20v engines include Clubmans and other light weight kit cars.

The 4AGE engine has also been used in the Formula Atlantic racing series in the USA.

One of the most popular homes for the 4AGE these days is in the RWD AE86, which is often used for drifting and circuit racing.

4AGE.net will help you find all the information on this amazing engine and the vehicles it powers.

Toyota 4AGE
The 4AGE is one of Toyotas most famous engines, and although it has been out of production for over a decade it continues to be extremely popular amongst car builders.

There are three main versions of the 4AGE as follows:

  • 4AGE 16v (big port and small port)
  • 4AGE 20v (silver top and black top)
  • 4AGZE 16v Supercharged

The original 4AGE 16v was the big port. This engine first appeared in the now-famous AE86 Levin and Trueno, as well as the AE82 ‘Twincam 16’ Corolla.
Later model Corollas came with the 4AGE 16v small port engine. The AE92 was fitted with this engine, in models such as the SX, GTi and FX-GT.

The quest for more power brought about the supercharged 4AGE – known as the 4AGZE. This engine appeared in the AE92 and some newer Toyotas.

Finally the 4AGE 20v engine appeared as the pinnacle of factory 4A engines.

This one came in the AE101 and AE111 Corollas, Levins and Truenos, as well as a limited number of other small Toyotas.

Although the 4AGE engine only appeared in small Toyotas during the 80s and 90s, it is still a hugely popular engine that can be found in anything from Ford Escorts to Clubmans and other custom cars.

Here on 4AGE.net we have tried to put together a great resource for anyone interested in this engine. If you have anything you want to share with other owners please let us know.

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10 March 2010 Check out this old video of some 4AGE.net members racing their AE86s at Qld Raceway! This was taken back in 2001 or thereabouts.