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AE92 Brake Upgrade


AE92 Brake Upgrade


How to make your AE92 stop a little better.

Some people are a little intimidated by the idea of playing around with their brakes, and with good reason! Stuff up your brakes, and you could easily stuff up your whole car – or worse!
The AE92 Levin GTZ brake upgrade is a very easy one, and with the large number of 20v and 4AGZE front cuts coming in, the parts aren’t too hard to find either. You can actually use any of the AE92 family brakes for the upgrade, it’s just that mine were from a Levin GTZ.

One thing to keep in mind is that these new rotors won’t fit inside the standard 13 inch rims, but if you’re going to the trouble of fitting bigger brakes, it’s unlikely that your running around on little 13 inch cheese cutters anyway, right?

First up it’s a good idea to give the new callipers a good clean and a fresh set of pads, you will find that the AE92 SX pads will slot straight in. The front cut will have most likely been sitting around for sometime in Japan, so the rotors will probably be covered in surface rust. This isn’t anything to worry about though, you can either have the rotors machined (best option) or take a chance like I did and just give them a light rub over with some soft steel wool and let the new pads do the rest, you will find within a few days the pads will have made the rotors look perfect again!

Once you have removed the front wheels and have the car up on stands, remove the old callipers by removing the two bolts on the back of the calliper. Now clean off all the crud from around the brake fluid connection and undo it, then connect the new calliper straight up to the line so as to let a minimum of air into the system. Now move the calliper out of the way and we can start on the rotor.

Now that the calliper is away from the rotor, the rotor should pull straight off the hub. When fitting the larger rotors you will notice the dust cover is too small and hits on the rotor! This is not a problem, and there are three options to fix this. The best option by far is to get the bigger dust cover from the front cut to suit the larger rotors, if this is not available, you can just cut the outer lip away so it doesn’t rub on the rotor. The way I did it was to just bend the dust cover out of the way, this way if you ever need to re-fit the original rotors you can just bend the dust cover back into place. It may take a little while to get it right, so be patient and ensure no part of the dust cover is still rubbing.

After you have fitted the new pads to the callipers, you can bolt the new callipers onto the strut using the same two bolts from the old callipers. Now check that everything is tight and secure, the rotors may seem a little loose, but this will be fixed once you bolt the wheel back on. It’s a good idea to double, or even triple check everything, you can never be too careful with your brakes! Once all that is fine you can bleed the brakes in the conventional manner, there will most likely be heaps of air in the system, so take your time to do it properly and make sure you have plenty of extra brake fluid on hand.

Now you can put the wheels back on and take the car for it’s first test drive! First up you should try a few test stops at low speed to make sure everything is doing what it should. After the first short test drive it’s a good idea to take the wheels back off and check everything is still in place and nothing has come loose. Also check that there’s no fluid leaking from anywhere, and check the fluid reseviour level while you’re at it.

So that’s about all there is to it, simple isn’t it! Now go and have some fun with your new big ‘fade-free’ brakes!

Actually before you go running off, I better just add that the brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. Yes I have said in this article that it is a very easy and straightforward conversion, but if you have any problems please consult a brake specialist because I don’t want to hear that you’ve caused any harm to yourself of your car okay!

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